New café offers a side of cats with your coffee


Photo by Sofia Romero Lopez

Delicious coffee with a feature of feline-centric latte art is a highlight at The Cafe Meow in Minneapolis.

`The Café Meow is the only cat café in Minnesota, a total dream come true for cat lovers!

The Café Meow has only two existing locations in Minnesota, one is located in New Hope, and the other is located in South Minneapolis. They both have a cafe area and an area just with the adorable cats. To be able to go in the cat area you have to call at the location you will attend  to make a reservation. You can also visit their website at ‘’ and make a reservation there. You do have to pay but I think it’s incredibly worth it! On weekdays you pay $10.50 and $15.00 on the weekends purr person. 

I visited the café on a beautiful but cold Saturday with my friend, Paris Garcia, but we had one hour to spend with these cute cats! As soon as we walked in we could not hold in our excitement! It  definitely made the cold leave our bodies. There were a total of 17 cats in the cat room…17…It is definitely the perfect place to be spending your weekend.

“I’ve been eyeing this place for a while, the design of the whole café is very cute.” Garcia said. “Also I think it’s one of the only cat cafes in Minnesota.”

We were greeted by the staff and then taken into the room with the cats.  I can’t express enough how kind the staff were to us. We had to order our drinks before going in as they would be brought to us. I ordered a drink named ‘Calico’ and Paris got a Chai latte. Along with a raspberry cat macaroon they also had! The worker was kind enough to make cat art on my Calico drink. It ended up turning out to be so cute, it was a little sad to drink it but it honestly made the drink tastier.  They were even kind enough to tell us a little bit about how it feels to work with these amazing cats! 

“For the most part it’s really fun,” Café Meow worker Laura Reed said. “When we have cats that have health concerns, sometimes that’s stressful.” 

They also mention to us that they have to go through some training before working at the café. “We are just trained in how to handle cats, how to give them basic medication, [and] how to diffuse any kitty fights.” Reed said. But they assure us that those adorable kitties don’t often fight!

All of the cats that are a part of the café are up for adoption. If you are interested in any of the cats to take home you would have to adopt them through the local rescues but the Café Meow will provide you with any necessary information you need before picking which cutie you choose to take home and love. 

“I think that’s a really good way to promote for them to get a home, very nice of them to do this for the cats!” Garcia said. 

Overall this experience was genuinely the best adventure of my life. Not many people realize that Minnesota has amazing hidden places to visit. Never in my life would I have thought I’d be visiting a cat café! Something I, and many other cat lovers, have been dreaming about for a long time. 

Spending your time with these beautiful cats will for sure make your day a little more meow some, so make sure you enjoy every moment!