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The Trump administration, medical experts clash over COVID-19

The tensions between the medical and scientific communities and President Trump and his administration have been a subject of much discussion in the press.

Story by Jordy Larkin, Co-Editor-In-Chief

May 28, 2020

So far, 2020 has unequivocally surpassed any sort of expectations people may have had going into it this past January.  Coronavirus is a strain of virus that affects the sinuses, throat, lungs and head, and while most of the time it is relatively harmless, the newest strain called COVID-19 is provin...

Governor Walz leads as other states fumble during pandemic

Governor Tim Walz of MInnesota has an approval rating of 65% after leading his state in the midst of the crisis.

Story by Angel Peña Velez, Staff Writer

May 28, 2020

COVID-19 has affected everyone hard, especially in the U.S., which now has the most cases globally. And yet, it’s a fool’s errand to suggest that all states and territories nationwide are similar in their approaches to flattening the curve. Minnesota’s way of staying safe isn’t the same as Wiscon...

Distance learning benefits some, causes others to struggle

Distance learning benefits some, causes others to struggle

Story by Iona Burton & Maria Hernandez, Feature Editor & Opinion Editor

May 28, 2020

Social distancing vital as businesses begin to reopen

Caribou Coffee is just one of many businesses that encourages social distancing for customers.

Story by Hannah Bailey, Staff Writer

May 28, 2020

The average person has a higher chance of contracting COVID-19 than any other illness such as the flu. It’s a scary thought, and with that chance of getting affected, everyone needs to practice safety precautions to keep not only yourself safe but others around you safe as well. The Coronavirus can be...

Charter schools value globalism, struggle with equity

Global academy is a charter school right here in Columbia Heights.

Story by Molly Wilson, News Editor

May 20, 2020

Charter schools are a mystery to most people. How these schools get funded and where students come from are only two of the common misconceptions.  First of all, charter schools are free to attend, unlike private schools, which are notoriously known for their tuition fees. Each charter school must...

Are Democrats and Republicans subjected to equal media standards?

Are Democrats and Republicans subjected to equal media standards?

Story by Gissel Inamagua & Nixi Hults

May 10, 2020

Heights Hall of Fame should return to its original location

Photo collected from the CHHS Alumi Facebook page of the 1973-74 Hockey Team

Story by Peter Heryla, Co-Editor-in-Chief

April 28, 2020

As students, staff and visitors walk into Columbia Heights High School, they will notice something that is worth being proud of: a banner commemorating the district being named the 2016 AP Small District of the Year. Now, imagine how confusing and disappointing it would be if that banner was moved to ...

Phone addiction among teens real, on the rise

Phone addiction among teens real, on the rise

Story by Fuad Hassan, Staff Writer

April 28, 2020

A new epidemic has been spreading to teens all around the world, and it’s worse than the bubonic plague. It is phone addiction, and it has been rotting the minds of our youth. Now, although that is an obvious exaggeration, it is not too far from what some people believe today. Contrary to what many...

Maximize the minimum wage

Cartoon by Sol Schindler

Story by Sachi Yang, Staff Writer

March 26, 2020

Living is expensive; that’s just the harsh reality of life. Those fortunate enough to maintain a steady and well-paying job may not encounter the rough obstacles that many people in America are facing today. For a majority of Americans, living paycheck-to-paycheck is the harsh truth of life.  M...

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