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New CHHS club rises to popularity

Rahma Hassan
The devoted members of “Osob’s Fanclub” (from top to bottom): Mennatullah Elbadawi, Munira Ali, Amina Ibrahim, Isniina Mohamed, and Nawal Mohamed.

It was the first of March  2024 and I along with some friends started this amazingly cool club in room 292 at Columbia Heights High School. It’s all about celebrating the one and only me, Osob Mohammud, and I gotta say, it’s been blowing up lately! We’ve got more and more people joining every week, all wanting to show love for yours truly. We meet up every week to chat and share stories, art, and even poetry about how awesome I am – it’s kinda surreal, but also super flattering. It’s created this tight-knit community where we all feel connected and supported, thanks to the love and admiration everyone has for me. You know, some people might not get it, especially if they’re just your average student. They might not understand how much I mean to the club and how much I’ve influenced everyone’s lives. But hey, that’s their loss! 

“I’ve never met anyone as amazing as she is,” Amina Ibrahim (11) said.

Anyway, I’m in my third year here at Columbia Heights, what most folks would call a “junior” year. I’m not like the top of the class or anything, but I’m killing it in my extracurriculars. I’m in a bunch of clubs – dropped a few along the way.

“I have never met anyone with as much dedication and care towards her extracurriculars as much as Osob. She is hands down (this is a secret shhhhh) one of the best editors in The Heights Herald,” Emarie Kusler (12) said. “And I am looking forward to joining this club lolololol.”

Right now, though, I’m battling that dreaded junior-year cold, which is making me majorly procrastinate on everything. But hey, I’ll push through like I always do. I’ve got big dreams and nothing’s gonna stop me from achieving them! Okay, so let me tell you a bit more about why everyone in the club thinks I’m so amazing.

“Osob is like the glue that holds our friend group together,” Bilan Mohamed (11) said.

First off, I’m just a regular high school student, you know? But somehow, I managed to juggle some stuff and still come out on top. Like, sure, I might not be acing every test, but when it comes to my extracurriculars, I’m the best  I’m involved in all sorts of clubs – from the MSA to WSU, Link Crew, HOSA, Student Council, and Key Club  – and I’ve even taken on leadership roles in some of them. People are always saying how I bring this energy and passion to everything I do, which is pretty cool to hear. And then there’s my gig as the News editor for the school paper. I mean, I’m the one who keeps everyone in the loop about what’s happening around here. I’m always on the lookout for interesting stories to share, and I’ve got this knack for making even the most boring stuff sound exciting.

“Being around her is like being in a constant state of joy and laughter,” Mennatulla Elbadiwi (11).

But it’s not just about what I do – it’s also about who I am as a person. I’m always there for my friends, ready to lend an ear or offer some advice. I’ve got this way of making people feel seen and heard, you know? And I guess that’s why everyone in the club looks up to me so much. Even with all the stuff I’ve got going on, I still find time to just be me – hanging out with friends, binge-watching Netflix, and maybe indulging in too much junk food. Because hey, being amazing doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too, right? So yeah, that’s me – Osob Mohammud, the girl who’s doing her thing and making it look easy. And if you ever need someone to look up to or just want to hang out and chat, you know where to find me. Peace!

“Yeah, I dunno, I went in once and it was just Osob talking about how great she is,” Nawal Mohamed (11) said. “Don’t get me wrong—she is a great friend, but it was just her in an empty room saying, ‘Thanks everyone for coming.'” 


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Osob Mohammud
Osob Mohammud, News Editor
Osob Mohammud is a junior at Columbia Heights High School who enjoys cooking, baking, listening to music and watching K-dramas. This is her second year on The Heights Herald and serves as News Editor.