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Exclusive interview with special guest: Kulick’s Bike ‘Rusty’

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Nawal Mohamed
“I am not meant to be sentient,” Rusty said. “This is a cursed existence.”

Here we have Kulick’s trusty bicycle sharing its unique perspective about its life at CHHS. Although, the bike might just want to hype up its partner in crime. What can I say, these two are inseparable. With a ring of the bell, the very cool extroverted bike strolls into my interviewing room… Welcome, please take a seat… actually never mind… u can stay standing… uhh I mean.. never mind. Why did I just say that? Way to go Nawal!  “So please introduce yourself to the readers.” 

“Hi! I’m Bike, the wanderer of the bustling halls of our high school. Let me tell you, being the Assistant Principal’s bike is no joke. Mr. Kulick and I have to make sure everyone’s in classes every day every hour and every minute for the whole school year, that’s about 170 days of work for us to do, especially me because I have eyes, ears, and a bell to make sure everyone becomes successful students. It’s an amazing feeling knowing I’m the school’s backbone,” Rusty the bike said. 

“That’s very kind of you to care about our school community this much. I never realized just how much you experience most days,” starting to pose a new question. “So while you and Kulick patrolling the halls, how do you see yourself making people’s day better?” 

“Well, you see I’ve seen it all, from heartwarming moments of students’ achievements, the shenanigans I encounter at 8 in the morning, to navigating the busy hallways during the morning rush to witnessing the camaraderie between students and staff. I have become an important part of CHHS tradition. I have witnessed students cheering on their school at pep rallies, the driven students studying in the media center, and the laughter and gossip that fill the halls… I’ve even overheard Kulick talking to some staff about students’ new obsession: Skibidi Toilet! 

I suppress my laugh while the bike vents about all the bizarre stories it’s been holding because of a confidentiality agreement with the higher-ups. 

“But my colleague, I’ve seen him go above and beyond for our students,” the bike said. “He’s always there to lend an ear, offer encouragement, or simply brighten someone’s day with a kind word.”

As the bike rambles on about unforgettable moments it’s experienced at school, I think about how it was such a great idea to speak to the heroic insider that makes high school life so memorable—

P.S. Turns out the bike did have a name, it is Rusty. Just because the bike has been strolling around these past few years doesn’t mean it was always here, maybe it’s been hiding in the school basement all this time. Also before interviewing Rusty, I asked what people thought of Rusty since I needed to gather info on THE legendary bike. Here’s what they said: 

“The bike has always been there, you know, it’s like the silent guardian of our school,” says Naatii Ahmed (11). 

Oh! And this comment about our Kulick and Rusty the Bike was so wholesome.

“Kulick’s always been the kind of person who goes the extra mile for students… and cruising around his bike is simply just ICONIC,” says Ana Marincalero (11).

I wanted to share this interview with you all, so we know about the contribution Rusty the bike makes for our school community every day. So on that note, let’s not forget the hero who takes pride in making the school a better place. Before I go, I want to invite everyone from our school to celebrate Rusty’s graduation party (he’s getting old) on April 10, 2024, at the PAC! Let’s share stories and appreciate the one who has supported us throughout our high school years. We hope to see you there. 

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Nawal Mohamed
Nawal Mohamed, Staff Writer
Nawal Mohamed is a junior at Columbia Heights High School and a Staff Writer for The Heights Herald. She thinks journalism will be a good experience for her. Her favorite things to do are read, watch movies/shows and journal. She also hopes to expand her horizons during junior year and make good memories.