Ten journalism tweets to wrap up another year of The Heights Herald


Photo by Chris Polley

Mr. Polley’s own sons say “stay off Twitter” so much that he has had to set a timer each day that limits how much time he spends on the social media app.

The student publications of Columbia Heights High School have gone through a lot of changes this year due to the pandemic. First, our once print-only award-winning student newspaper The Heights Herald finally moved online after 2+ years of working toward adding a 21st-century component as a part of the journalism curriculum at CHHS. Second, the Hylander News Network (more well-known by its abbreviated nomenclature, “HNN”) transformed from a regularly broadcast product of our video production elective TV/Media to a biweekly short-form podcast posted both internally and on HeightsHerald.org when we switched to distance learning in March. This final goodbye post goes out to the student editors and producers that made these transitions happen so smoothly and successfully, especially those from the class of 2020 that have been inarguably affected the most by the COVID-19 pandemic out of everyone at Columbia Heights Public Schools.

As many of my students know, I typically print out and tape up the best journalism, literature, and film-related tweets (I also teach English 12 and Film Studies) all around my classroom. But with distance learning, my love of good tweets has gone unshared for over two-and-a-half months now. So, I present to you, the Heights Herald-reading public a farewell collection of student newspaper and broadcast advisor Mr. Polley’s ten favorite journalism-related tweets from the distance learning era of 2020.