The Heights Herald


The Heights Herald is the official student newspaper for Columbia Heights High School. The content reflects the student body, the school, the district and the community. The Heights Herald’s mission is to provide coverage of news and events with courage, passion and integrity.

Staff editorials are written by an Editor-in-Chief. Content reflects the opinion of the newspaper staff majority. Editorial columns represent the opinions of the individuals who wrote them.

Letters to the Editor Policy: The Heights Herald welcomes and encourages input from readers. Opinions can be emailed to [email protected], be dropped off in room 294 of the high school, or given to a staff member of The Heights Herald. Letters may be edited for length, clarity or appropriateness. Requests to withhold a writer’s name will be considered by the editorial board.

Awards: NSPA Pacemaker Finalist, NSPA Pacemaker Winner, Numerous All-State Gold Medallion Awards

The Student News Site of Columbia Heights High School