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To see a collective collaboration made by everyday people is awe-inspiring. In other tree-based news, April 22, 2020 marks the 50th Earth Day. In collaboration with The Canopy Project, the Earth

Day Network plans on planting 7.8 billion trees on Earth Day. 7.8 billion trees will match our human population on Earth—one person, one tree. The donation amount matches TeamTrees, with

one dollar equaling one tree. Interested donors can go to to find out more. Those interested in donating can go to, where donors can also leave their own

personal message for others to see. Donations are accepted via credit card or PayPal.

Clear cut effects

  • Canada forests are used to make toilet paper and for agriculture, including chocolate and palm oil.
  • Trees are burned to make grazing fields for cattle ranchers, whose livestock are used to create beef patties for major fast-food organizations.
  • Forests are burned to make room for bigger farms to help local farmers feed their families.
  • Trees are used to make wood products.
  • Forests are removed to make room for mines.
  • Roads are built through the forest to connect the farms.
  • When dams are built, they create a lake that floods parts of the forest.
  • Faulty dams can also break, which only aggravates the problem.