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Rewatch & recap: 2023’s best K-dramas

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“Celebrity” is full of twists and turns, as well as some of the most interesting character beats, making it one of the best TV dramas of 2023.

“Bloodhounds” (Netflix)

In this action drama, two boxers get sucked into the world of private loans and end up facing a powerful force. Lee Sang-yi plays Hong Woo-jin, and Woo Do-hwan plays Kim Geon-woo. As their friendship grows, so does Geon-woo’s mother’s financial difficulties. To prevent her small restaurant from going out of business, she gets approved for a sizable loan. But when it becomes clear that the nasty loan shark company has singled her out, Geon Woo and Woo Jin do everything in their power to make things right. When the two work for a kind lender whose foster daughter is committed to outing the loan sharks, fate brings them together.

“Twinkling Watermelon” (Viki)

This youth romance drama stars Ryaoun playing Eun Gyeol, a high school student leading a double life: a guitarist at night and a scholar during the day. When his hearing-impaired father finds out, his entire life falls apart. Distressed and seeking escape, he encounters his father as a high school student, Ha Yi-chan (played by Choi Hyun-wook), in 1995 after stumbling onto an alluring record store that winds up doubling as a time machine. The worst part is that his father is attracted to a cellist, not Gyeol’s future mother. In an attempt to put things “right,” he joins the band that his future father plays in. 

“Perfect Marriage Revenge” (Viki)

In the dramatic romance “Perfect Marriage Revenge”, Han Yi-joo (played by Jung Yoo-min) is a painter who is unloved by her younger sister, or her parents. She doesn’t spend any quality time with her family. She eventually marries a man who is actually in love with her sister. On the same day, Han Yi-joo gets in a car accident and dies only to awaken when she gets engaged. She immediately calls the whole thing off to alter her destiny and take revenge on her family. 

“Castaway Diva” (Netflix)

Seo Mok-ha (Park Eun-bin of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”) has always aspired to become a singer in this rom-com. During middle school, she accidentally ends up on a secluded island. There, she ends up fending for herself for more than fifteen years. She has to navigate a significantly changed world after being saved. Her love of music doesn’t fade, though, and when she searches for her idol, she discovers that the singer whom she always looked up to is going through the end of her career as her peak has passed. Together, they attempt to stage a comeback.  During these discoveries and commotion, she may even spark a romantic relationship.  

“Daily Dose of Sunshine” (Netflix)

A nurse named Jung Da-eun (played by Park Bo-yong) moves from the internal medicine department to neuropsychiatry. Having never worked in neuropsychiatry before, she finds everything challenging and uncomfortable. Nevertheless, with the assistance of Chief Nurse Song Hyo Jin (Jang Don-yoon of “The Tale of Nokdu”), Da-eun does her best to care for her patients and skillfully develops as a nurse. During this time, Da-eun faces many difficulties and finds out that everyone has something they want to hide, including herself. As she navigates through these challenges, she learns the importance of empathy and understanding to connect with others truly in this medical drama.

“See You in My 19th Life” (Netflix)

In this romantic fantasy, Ban Ji-eum (Shin Hye-sun of “Mr. Queen”) can recall her past lives, and thus lives her current life with extreme care. Following the horrific catastrophe that ends her 18th life, though, she embarks on a journey to reunite with the people from her prior life to whom she had become accustomed. She chooses to track down Moon Seo-ha (played by Bo Hyun-ahn), a guy she met in her 18th incarnation. On the other side, there is also Yoon Cho-won (Ha Yoon-kyung of “She Would Never Know”), a landscape architect and the younger sister of Yoon Joo-won, whose life collapsed after her older sister’s death. When Yoon Cho-won meets Ban Ji-eum by chance and sees her older sister in her, she wonders about Ban Ji-eum’s identity. 

“Crash Course in Romance” (Netflix)

Nam Haeng-sun (played by Jeon Do-yeon), a single mother and former athlete, enters private education in this suspenseful romantic comedy. Choi Chi-yeol (Yung Kyung-ho of “Men of Plastic”), a well-known private instructor, is drawn to her vivacious nature. Nam Haeng-sun currently owns a modest side dish store, but in the world of private education, Choi Chi-yeol is regarded as the most well-liked and renowned teacher. However, as he becomes more and more successful, he also becomes more irritable, sensitive and uninterested in others. Nam Haeng-Seon, whose incredibly upbeat disposition and unending endurance, his connection with Choi Chi-Yeol progresses romantically.

“The Good Bad Mother” (Netflix)

In this comical drama, Kang-ho (played by Lee Do-hyun) is cold-hearted and lonely due to his upbringing by a distant single mother on a pig farm. The mother-son relationship is restarted when a shocking accident occurs, leaving him unable to take care of himself physically or mentally and returning to his mother’s house. Following his accident, Kang Ho’s childhood friend Mi-joo (Ahn Eun-jin of “The Night Owl”)—who was renowned for her kindness—reconnected with him, which resulted in a life-changing event for her.

“Celebrity” (Netflix)

Practically everyone in this thriller mystery, including Seo A-ri (played by Park Gyu-young), aspires to fame, fortune, and power. She dives headfirst into the realm of social media influencers and takes risky actions that win her additional admirers, which she then turns to her advantage. However, as she climbs higher in the social media hierarchy, Seo A-ri begins to realize the true cost of fame and the toll it takes. As the pressure to maintain her online persona intensifies, Seo A-ri finds herself constantly battling with the fear of being exposed and losing everything for which she has worked. The constant scrutiny and manipulation from both her followers and competitors start to erode her sense of self. During this time, she experiences the darker aspects of her famous life, and when the show posits whether or not Seo A-ri enjoys her descent to the dark side, this drama leaves its viewers consistently on the edge.

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