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New season calls for spring fashion inspiration!

Cat Pogreba
Narriah Copeland (12) puts her spring-inspired outfit on display!

Goodbye winter 2024 fashion, and hello spring 2024 fashion! Since warm weather has officially begun (and is hopefully here to stay), it’s time to assemble some everyday spring looks!  

April and May are all about the rainy days and flowers blooming, which makes pastel colors the perfect palette for cute spring outfits. Floral prints are a must-need for your new look, from flowy dresses to fun skirts and colorful tops, having texture and variety in your wardrobe can help bring the outfit to life. Some of the most gorgeous pastel color combinations for spring outfits have to be pink and green, pink and yellow, pink and blue and pink and cream. I hope you noticed the pattern…because pink is the answer to all your outfit problems during the weeks leading up to summer! Even a small drop of pastel rose will elevate your spring looks to a whole new level! 

Look #1

In this first look, a flowy floral print dress is front and center! For this look, you will need either a flowy yellow dress, long or short, with a pink floral pattern. To make the flowers on the dress pop, a cardigan or shirt with a similar shade is recommended as an additional layer. Of course, you can choose different colors and mix and match them. In this outfit, however, the main element is the floral pattern and thus, it should remain the focal point. For shoes, kitten heels or flats would look best! Note that the shoe color should be the same as the cardigan. The jewelry should match the small details in the dress or can just be silver/gold so as to not overuse colors. 

Look #2 

Now for the second look, let’s style a low-rise flowy maxi skirt! It doesn’t necessarily have to be ankle-length either — it can also be a short ruffled skirt. To have those spring vibes, the top should be a cropped-lace cami top. A white or cream-colored skirt paired with a blue cami top featuring a small pink and yellow floral pattern is a combo that’s both elegant and light. What gives this look its beauty is the detail of the tops to offer a bold but subtle counterpoint to the skirt. In this case, for shoes, some pastel blue flats would suit it nicely or even a pair of blue sandals. 

Look #3

This third look is perfect if you are not a big fan of skirts or dresses (or if the weather is a bit chilly). Some cream or beige wide-legged linen pants offer all the comfort anyone needs this spring! The top in this case should be a fitted pink top, and for shoes, flats once again would be the perfect option to keep it casual and comfortable without being tacky. Some pink low, fresh sneakers would also look perfect with this outfit for a little bounce and volume. 

Look #4 

Lastly, of course, we could not forget about jeans! In this look, some light blue washed-out jeans would best fit the springtime mood. The style of these jeans can be either low-rise, baggy, straight-legged or flared jeans — hopefully, most have gotten the memo by now that skinny jeans and high-waisted denim are officially out. With any of these more “in” styles of jeans, a relaxed cami top would look perfect! The colors for above the hips and below the ankles for this outfit could be a warm combo of pink and green top with some pink (or green). 

These are just a few of the many combinations suitable for some cute spring outfits! Feel free to mix and match however fits your personal style with all four of these ideas, of course. Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, after all. The key to having the best spring looks actually has nothing to do with colors or cuts — it’s about feeling confident in your outfit and, well, okay, always having at least a little hint of pink of course!

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Sofia Romero Lopez
Sofia Romero Lopez, Staff Writer
Sofia Romero Lopez is a junior and first-year staff writer for The Heights Herald. She likes to write and read poetry and listen to music that puts her in a calm, nostalgic and relaxed mood.
Cat Pogreba
Cat Pogreba, Fashion Editor
Cat Pogreba is a senior at Columbia Heights High School, and it's their first year writing and editing for The Heights Herald. She enjoys writing poetry and short stories on occasion, usually about horror-related things or topics that are sure to infuriate her considering that's the best way to have an impactful story. They're not in any school activities or events since they struggle with being socially anxious, although she does enjoy being dramatic and always has fun dressing up / trying new styles.