Spring dance, week of school spirit hits CHHS

Bright flowers grow in the sunshine with sweet fragrances, animals awaken from long slumbers and birds chirp songs of sunshine delight. Now that spring is upon us, what better way to celebrate the joy of the season than to have a dance? 

Many people were excited by the idea of having a school dance, especially after the pandemic of COVID-19 deprived them of so much face-to-face social communication. Students already have a lot on their plates with balancing school, extracurricular activities, family, social activities and, for us seniors, the college process. So an opportunity to have some fun was long awaited. It’s critical to have events like school dances and spirit week where students and teachers come together as a community and dress up while having a good time. 

“It was too late to call it a Frost Days dance, so we figured a spring theme would be more suitable,” Student Council representative Munira Abdullahi (12) said of the event the group organized for Friday, March 18. 

The Spring Fling dance might not have been the talk of the town, but to many, it was still a blast. There were snacks, refreshments, and music that kept everyone dancing. Popular music from numerous parts of the world was played to the diverse crowd, and students of all backgrounds kept an open mind. Even music from the 90s and early and late 2000s brought back a great amount of nostalgia like “One More Time” by Daft Punk, “Rude” by Magic! and “Last Friday Night” by Katy Perry had both staff and students singing along and enjoying each other’s company. Dances like these encourage a school community to have a night of fun and it allows for students to socialize in the building outside of classes. 

Prior to the dance, the Spring Fling spirit week took place. From March 7 to March 10, students and staff participated in many different activities like Culture Day, Beach Day, Twin Day and, of course, Blue and Gold Day to represent the school colors! Many communities from various African, Asian and Latin American cultures were represented on the schoolwide culture day. 

“I think it’s really amazing that we have a week where students and teachers can dress up in funny costumes,” Hanan Hussein (12) said. “Personally, I really loved the Heights High Fashion Day where everyone came dressed to impress. It was really fun while encouraging professionalism.”