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Pets like Zena, Yasamine, Senan, Toblerone, Cyhprien, Apollo and Pablo are the prized possessions of some of the staff members of the newspaper. Follow along to get a quick rundown of some of the animals.

The Heights Herald staff introduces their pets once more

With the world slowly reopening and people leaving behind a year full of isolation, masks and social distancing, many are experiencing anxiety when it comes to returning to their pre-COVID lives. With the exception of the occasional grocery run or late night DoorDash delivery (should you decide to actually greet your driver when they ring your doorbell), many people have had little to no social interactions, making it overwhelming and anxiety-inducing to jump right back into their old lives. With stress running high, the masses are  turning to their animal companions to find comfort and a sense of normalcy. 

Pets can be tremendously helpful and therapeutic when it comes to stress, anxiety,  depression or even just giving you a reason to smile. Overall, owning or just seeing pets can help one’s mental health and give people something to look forward to after a stressful day. So since the first edition in 2020 was such a success, let’s take a look at the wonderful and absolutely adorable pets of this year’s Heights Herald staff! 

Whether it be finding comfort in a pet, family member or a friend, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. As so succinctly said in “High School Musical”, “We’re all in this together!

Zena, Yasamine & Senan

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