Hylander poetry sheds light on various urgent issues


Photo by Brianna Valle Sanchez

The poetry club and the creative writing class are the two biggest sources for self-written poems by our fellow hylanders, featuring a multitude of subject areas.

The following is a collection of poems written by Columbia Heights High School students in Poetry Club and a creative writing class. Covering topics like anxiety and race in America, these poems share important views from talented writers. If you are interested in joining Poetry Club or a creative writing class, email Mr. Polley ([email protected]) or Ms. Osterkamp ([email protected]).


“A Fro” by Amara Thompson

I don’t see, I listen through your ears
I don’t smell, I wear one thousand textures
I don’t cry but you’ve hurt me since freedom
You have burned me, cut me, I now know dye
I have been spat on, and hid from the world
Society has beat me flat and thin
I am a broken image, beautiful,
Yet dirty, trashy and I’ve been stolen
By the ones who kept me down underground
And you let them tear me apart you helped,
You dragged the flaming knife through all my limbs
You have not loved me until now, why now?

I grew three hundred thousand years ago
I am powerful, I am an afro


“Sad poet” by Lily

I’m a Gemini, not a Leo
I don’t roar with pride
I actually die inside
every time you look at me
I’m scared of vulnerability
Every part of me is juxtaposed
My heart, my head, my eyes, my nose
I’m eccentric, I’m weird
A social reject
And you, haven’t heard the best part yet
I’m terribly, terribly lonely
It was your cupidity
And my stupidity
That ultimately broke me
The esoteric say they know
But what if I broke myself
Slowly over a lifetime
If I synthesize a diamond
To save the environment
Will it mean I love you less?
Do you want the world to die over a message?


“Sun Full of Shadows” by Haley Vogel

They had a love as bright as the sun full of shadows.
Their love shined as bright as the sun
blinding everyone’s eyes.
Hiding everyone but them from all the dark secrets
that they hid in the shadows.


“The Nation Is Broken” by Haley Vogel

The nation is broke,
everyone, everyone is together but alone,
The nation is broke,
we have each other
but we honestly stand alone.
The nation is broke, we work together and go to school together but we only stand alone.
The nation is divided everyone out for their own,
Our nation is broke we all stand alone.
together we stand alone.
The nation is broke,
together we will fall.