Alex Druley

Diana Ross, a literal living legend, has enjoyed a storied, monumental music career and continues to reign Supreme.

Diana Ross

In many peoples’ eyes, Diana Ross is America’s quintessential diva. She’s a leader, incredibly talented, and the pure essence of beauty. Raised in Detroit, Michigan to two hard-working parents and six siblings, Ross wasn’t aware of how severely impoverished her community was. As a child, she would sing with her friends and soon they created their own band, The Supremes. During the ‘60s, they became the popular record label Motown’s most successful act and one of the best-selling girl groups of all time. Ross was the lead singer in their band and was notable for her high pitched voice, potential, talent and preserving the group’s legacy. Towards the end of the decade and the commencement of the thriving ‘70s, Ross left The Supremes and continued on with her solo career. Throughout the ensuing years, three of her songs reached #1 on the pop charts. While continuing with her music, she took on acting, starring in movies like “Lady Sings the Blues” (for which she won the Golden Globe that year for Best New Actress), “Mahogany” and “The Wiz”. She won over ten music awards for her music, ranging from soul to rock. During the height of racial tensions and Black liberation movements throughout the world, she inspired young Black girls to chase their dreams, to be themselves and to be confident within their blackness. 

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