Haley Vogel

Louis Armstrong, the King of Jazz, had an impact on the industry that will continue to outlive his wondrous life.

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong is rightfully labeled as one of the most influential jazz musicians of all time. Born in New Orleans to a father who worked as a turpentine worker and a stay-at-home mom, Armstrong would sing and dance on the streets with his friends before his parents parted ways. He then lived with his mother, sister, and grandmother in a neighborhood infamously known as “the battlefield” due to all the violence and crime that took place. He later met many people who taught him how to play the cornet and he soon joined a band titled Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five. Once he turned 18, Armstrong befriended a man named Joe “King” Oliver, who later became his mentor and turned Armstrong the handyman into a legend. During this time, many people started to recognize his immense talent and astonishing vocals. He was the first jazz soloist, created scat singing, and his rhythm, lyrics and energy influenced Americans of all genres. Because of Louis Armstrong, jazz now focuses on the brilliance and adventures of soloists just as much, if not more than bands. For decades both before and after his death in 1971, the public has come to know him as an amazing musician, great entertainer and a man of many talents.

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