Students stay active, motivated during Heights at Home


Photo by Gissel Inamagua & Emmanuel Daniel

Just a few days ago, going for an afternoon run in Minnesota was possible. Today? Not so much.

For most, staying motivated to work out can be somewhat of a challenge. Now, the current global pandemic and new safety limitations add even more setbacks that can affect our ability to get out and be active.

With safety regulations such as gyms closures, stay-at-home orders and mask mandates, options to engage in physical activity are limited. Although most gyms have reopened, a lot of people are still cautious and memberships are down across the country. Thus, a lot of physical activity has to take place at home. This can be difficult for people because of the lack of equipment, space, knowledge and motivation a gym setting usually provides.

So, what are some ways you can still stay active in the comfort of your own home? Online instructional videos from channels like BeFiT YouTube or fitness websites like Livestrong or DoYogaWithMe are great options to give specific workouts and guide viewers if they’re not so knowledgeable on how to stay toned or build muscle. Getting outside is always a great option, as well as going on runs or engaging in a socially distanced activity with a friend, but with a Minnesota winter on the horizon, outdoor activities seem less optimal.

At Columbia Heights High School, the athletic department has made more opportunities available for students during the pandemic when it comes to staying active. With new safety protocols, the department opened back up the seasonal summer weight training program. This was available for all high school students, and there were multiple session times to make room for social distancing. Along with the weight program, sports are another great way for students to get active, while still staying safe.

“I was happy to be able to join swimming and dance this year so I can stay motivated to exercise with friends,” Tenzin Dolkar (12) said. “This is unlike when I’m at home, where most of the time I stay in bed and eat snacks.”

Even during these times of change, it is still important to find ways to be active. Physical activity shows many benefits, such as reduced health risks, promoting heart health and improving your mental health and well-being.