Eatery adjusts accordingly during pandemic


Photo by Kwot Anwey

Sammy’s is secluded, with no seats occupied.

Right now, good food is hard to get. Dishes from your favorite restaurants may not be available. The DoorDash driver might have gotten lost for a minute and wound up delivering your comfort meal cold or soggy. It’s times like these where you can either cook for yourself or risk trying out another restaurant. But don’t you fearSammy’s is here! 

Sammy’s Avenue Eatery is a cafe chain that specializes in sandwiches and coffee. They also pride themselves in having a cozy environment for locals to relax and socialize (at 50% occupancy, of course, in accordance with Governor Walz’s ‘stay safe Minnesota’ order). The chain currently has two locations, one on Broadway Avenue and a newly opened one on the corner of 33rd Ave NE and Central Avenue, bordering Columbia Heights. 

Sammy’s, along with several other Minneapolis restaurants under Walz’s guidelines, have moved exclusively to take-out orders. This transition has proved vital and triumphant for Twin Cities area foodies in many cases, and this local eatery is no exception.

The small business has seen tremendous success in recent months, and they aren’t planning on slowing down any time soon. Sammy’s is still holding down their place as an integral Northeast restaurant after moving all of their ordering process online and over the phone. You now have the option to either pick up the food at one of their locations or to have the food delivered straight to you.

The ordering process is simple. Call into the restaurant, order the food off their online menu and pay at the cafe upon arrival. When my family ordered, the one person on staff had the food arranged by the time we arrived. Even with all of the chairs empty and the chalkboard menu cleared, the eatery had a cozy ambience. The food itself was bundled up, wrapped in saran wrap and aluminum foil and then packed in a plastic bag ready to go.

My stomach was anticipating the first bite of the turkey pastrami sandwich and lemon pound cake like no other. When I finally tasted the warm sub, I was met with a plethora of flavors. The savory duo of meats worked well together, and the melted cheese only enhanced the flavor. Lastly, the sweet house sauce countered the salty, seasoned proteins in the best way possible. 

The lemon pound cake had a perfect proportion of tart lemon to spongy sweetness. Its texture was plush, full and crumbly. The drizzle of lemon frosting on the top added the finishing touch of tang to the decadent dessert. 

The overall experience was amazing. The ordering process was quick, the cook was kind and the food was mouthwatering. I would 100% return to Sammy’s for a fulfilling lunch both during quarantine and after the pandemic is finally passed. 

Sammy’s Avenue Eatery 2 can be found on the corner of 33rd and Central Avenue. You can contact them at 612-236-4882 and visit them online here.