Local rescue pairs homeless dogs with owners

Nationwide, there are around 3.3 million dogs stuck in pounds each year where many are euthanized due to overcrowding, but one Minneapolis-based nonprofit has gone above and beyond to make sure that every dog can find their fur-ever home.

Good Karma Rescue first started in 2013 and has been traveling all over the Southern and Midwestern United States to transport their own animals instead of overwhelming the volunteer rescue transport system. Their founder, Lisa Booth, will be working in the Dominican Republic soon to help stem the increasing population of stray dogs and transport them to Good Karma. They will make sure they are cared for and treated accordingly. 

Adopting a dog rather than going to a pet store or breeder is much more helpful to the prospective pet as well as the rescue. Because dog rescues are primarily focused on getting dogs out of bad situations and into good ones, it’s much more rewarding for the owner and helpful to the dog rescue community to choose to go to a rescue for that new lovable canine companion. 

Good Karma has recently teamed up with a group called Cats and Dogs of the Dominican Republic, a group that helps Good Karma treat injured or ill animals as well as finding fosters and adopters for their animals. They have a wide range of animals they care for at their sanctuary Coconut Hound Heaven; from dogs and cats to horses and donkeys, they help any animal that are in need. Cats and Dogs of the Dominican Republic has not only worked as hard as they can to treat these animals, but they’ve also been teaching local children proper pet care. Laws in the Dominican Republic on animal cruelty are written but not enforced. Many people in the DR love their animals but don’t know the right care for their pets which can lead to their pet being poisoned, cut by machetes or worse. That’s why Dogs and Cats have been working hard to enforce these rules with another group called Animal Wellness Brigade, who are volunteer officers that work to enforce these rules in their spare time. 

Good Karma has worked with so many organizations and volunteers to make sure these animals are safe, whether it may be spending the day spaying/neutering animals for free to working-class Dominicans, taking animals to the vet or getting them adopted. 

Additionally, buying a dog from a breeder can come with some serious consequences. When people decide to breed dogs, it can harm the health of that dog and the way they live out their entire life. Since breeders don’t neuter or spay their dogs, it can lead to inbreeding, the unethical practice of breeding dogs that are related to each other in an attempt to produce a certain type of dog with exaggerated features, which can lead to serious health problems. 

Another problem that can occur with breeding is that some dogs are bred too young, which can affect the offspring severely, whether it may be physical or mental disabilities due to the genes that are passed down due to inbreeding. 

Adopting animals rather than buying is very beneficial not just to the dog but to the shelter too because by adopting, the shelter gets more space to tend to more animals that are in need. 

Good Karma believes in putting their animals first and giving them the best quality of physical and emotional care possible. Not only is their priority providing high-quality care of their animals, they also make sure they have strong connections with local veterinarians and specialists. Good Karma ensures their animals find a good, loving home with fostering and adoption processes that are well-practiced. 

Good Karma was also recently recognized by congress for their help not only within Minnesota but also for the help and resources they donated in Houston, Texas when Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017. They made two separate rescue attempts in a two-week period, saving 50 animals and bringing them back to Minnesota to find them good homes.     

With the new federal bill on animal cruelty having been unanimously passed, the rescue efforts in Minnesota will hopefully improve even more since people will receive harsher fines for their actions. This benefits local shelters rescues like Good Karma because they can do more for animals in need of loving homes, not only in their own community but all around the world.

Good Karma Rescue is a perfect example of how shelters should be run worldwide. The exemplary efforts of all staff involved deserve all the recognition they have gotten and more. So the next time you are thinking of adopting, consider checking out your local shelter or rescue.