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Hearts in the Arts

November 7, 2019

“Cup o’ Culture”

Buthania Asamarai (10)


“Self Portrait”

Danny Romero (11)



Aleen Calle (12)



Dalia Hernandez Quintana (9)

Meyui (Poem)

Jamyang Dolma (11)


I have an aim

That someday

Our children will be nestled

atop the roof of the world

A free Tibet with no cellulite,

no stretch marks, and no scars

I have a target

That one day

The Tibetan spirit like

strong winds, scream


A soul-stirring mantra

pouring out of the soul

have an aim That someday

The children of the Chinese

who raped Tibet

And the children of the Tibetans

who suffered under Chinese rule

Will sit down together

at the table of friendship

I have a target

To once more make the rivers

of Tibet flow clean

And to see the yaks and antelopes

of my country

Roam freely once again in the wild

I have an aim

To return Dalai Lama

to his rightful throne

And to hold another’s hand

for unification

Men and women, young and old

Let us fly free like birds…

I have an aim and a target

Not a dream

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