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Young athlete excels in multiple sports

Peter Heryla, Staff Writer

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Sophomore Aaron Severson has fought to succeed since the day he was born.

After his delivery, doctors discovered that two valves in his heart weren’t operating properly, interfering with his blood flow. Rushed into surgery, specialists cut the valves and switched them. Had the surgery not been successful, he would have died.

“We thank God every day for that miracle and the amazing strength He’s given Aaron,” Aaron’s mother Naty Severson said.

That fighting spirit has crossed over into other areas of his life.

“Aaron works his hardest at everything he does and pushes his own limits,” Brianna Jorgenson (10) said.

It was determined that Severson’s heart issues were not inherited, but his love of sports certainly was. His mother, father, and grandfather all played multiple sports throughout high school. He continues that tradition as a member of the CHHS football, basketball and baseball teams.

“I had a lot of energy, and I was always running around when I was little,” he said.

Sports were a natural outlet for that vitality. He played football in fifth grade but didn’t really enjoy it.

“We lost every game by a lot of points. That created tension within the team, because we were all disappointed,” Severson said.

He started playing again in eighth grade, because he wanted to be on the high school team. Through hard work and determination, Severson managed to secure the starting quarterback position by his sophomore year.

“Aaron put effort into learning what it takes to be a quarterback. He continues to strive to be good,” head football coach Matt Townsend said.

Severson has also excelled at playing basketball since third grade, where he showcased his athleticism. A highlight was when his team won the traveling basketball state championship in eighth grade. Last year, he played on the freshman team.

“He respects his teammates and leads by example. When he gets competitive, the rest of the team does too,” Isaac Becker (10) said.

This year, he plans to expand his horizons and join the swim team.

Although Severson has become a valued football and basketball player, his real passion is baseball, which he’s played for as long as he can remember.

“I’ve loved baseball since I was little; it always makes me happy,” Severson said.

His love of the sport extends throughout the year. In the summer, Severson plays on the Columbia Heights VFW baseball team and in the fall for the Minnesota Icemen baseball club. His drive, dedication, and skill led to an All-Conference Honorable Mention award as a freshman.

“His skill and composure as a player is well advanced for his age,” head baseball coach Dan Shuck said, “As a freshman, you could see his confidence growing. At the end of the year, he was the guy we could count on.”

While Severson’s statistics in all three of his sports are impressive, the yards he throws, the points he scores and the bases he steals aren’t what makes him stand out; it’s his grit and work ethic that have pushed him into rising star status.

“Aaron is a very committed athlete who also applies himself in the classroom,” Shuck said.

As important as sports and education are to this talented young athlete, family means the most to him.

“They’ve supported me every step of the way. I don’t know where I would be without them,” Severson said.

With two and a half years left in his high school career, this Hylander promises to become a blue and gold superstar.

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Young athlete excels in multiple sports