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Council takes on leadership role

Natalie Bluhm, Staff Writer

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Seeking to spark a new era of student leadership at CHHS, “The Stu Cru” has emerged. The goal of this year’s student council is to build leaders, generate more student involvement and bolster school spirit.

A student-led organization, Stu Cru helps plan and run school activities. Members serve as liaisons between their peers and the administration, clearing a path for action and change.

“I want to restore Student Council to what it used to be and make it impactful and efficient. We want to change the culture for the future and do great things for the school,” President Liz Brubakken (12) said.

A driving force behind the rejuvenation, special education teacher Ms. Jennifer Peterson and English teacher Ms. Jill Jungers are co-advisors for Stu Cru. They believe a strong student council benefits students and staff. Peterson brings experience to the position having served as an adviser for the past two years.

“I am excited to see The Stu Cru evolving into an invested student government,” Peterson said.

Jungers brings years of Heights history and tradition to her first year as an advisor.

“In my last year at Heights, I wanted to help empower our students to be effective leaders. They have such potential to create a positive culture in this school,” Jungers said.

While it holds prestige and honor, being a student council member requires dedication, hard work and taking on responsibility. Members sign up for committees that operate throughout the year. School improvement, school spirit, pepfests and fundraising are long term committees. Short term committees center on specific events. For example, during homecoming week, The Stu Cru planned and executed spirit days, field signs, coronation, volleyball competitions, hallway decorating, the bonfire, the pepfest and the dance.

“I sold dance tickets and homecoming buttons. I also helped by decorating for coronation. Being a part of The Stu Cru is enjoyable; it’s fun to be more involved in the student community,” Ifrah Aden (9) said.

Other students are noticing the involvement and the energy this group is generating.

“It’s exciting to see a positive change towards a bigger student-led organization,” Hannah Thalhuber (10) said.

In future years, once The Stu Cru is firmly established, members will be selected by their peers. Candidates will campaign, give speeches and a class vote will determine representatives. Since the organization is in a rebuilding and re-structuring phase, this year’s students were invited to join the council and the executive council was appointed by the advisors.

“We took recommendations from staff and administration. They identified dedicated students who have demonstrated potential leadership skills,” Jungers said.

Those who chose to apply after being recruited agreed to follow REAL expectations, be role models and pledge their attendance and effort. Parents/guardians had to sign as well.

“It’s a good challenge. I like being more involved in the student community and learning about different types of people,” Aiyana Stephens- Moore (11) said.

The executive council consists of fourteen Stu Cru members. The president leads meetings and acts as the main liaison between students and administration. The vice president aids the president and runs meetings if the president is gone. They learn in preparation to take over the following year. The secretary takes attendance and notes during meetings. The treasurer keeps track of The Stu Cru budget. The public relations director is in charge of publicity on social media and in the school. The historian records Stu Cru events and compiles them into a comprehensive binder. Two representatives for each class communicate with their respective peers. The executive council provides council leadership and serves as the communication body between the students and administration.

After a busy homecoming week, The Stu Cru will turn its attention to future events.

“Student council is aiming to have one or two events every month,” Peterson said.

The Stu Cru strives to spark school spirit and ignite the flame of positive change at CHHS.

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Council takes on leadership role