District gardening

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But how can students and teachers alike help out our planet in our own garden? An easy way would be to get involved with Blooming Heights, the Columbia Heights Public Schools edible community garden.

 “If people want to be more involved with Blooming Heights, they can just come talk to me and we can find ways to get you more involved,” Agricultural Specialist and Blooming Heights caretaker Mr. Wes Nugteren said. 

Nugteren takes care of all garden activities along with health and teaches nature-based Encore classes. He has big plans for his program and wants to see as many people as possible contribute to the success of Blooming Heights.

“In the spring, we’re going to be focusing on planting a native edible garden, so focusing on plants that have always grown in Minnesota,” Nugteren said. 

Nugteren’s end goal is to tie in the garden to the district’s American Indian curriculum.

“If we can make [the garden] more hands-on, more tangible, then that would be great,” said Nugteren.

Go talk to Mr. Nugteren about helping out at Blooming Heights, either in Encore classes or volunteer days